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"You helped us have the best vacation of our lives. You covered every detail – amazing breakfast spread, robes and slippers to keep warm. . . . the place is incredibly romantic with the fireplace and the open glass to see the beautiful rainforest. You have a lovely place filled with hospitality. You have us helpful suggestions about things to do and how to be prepared. The Jacuzzi soaked away all of our aches and pains after the long hikes. Candlelit evenings with Andrea Boticelli playing and DVD of lava eruptions. Every moment was fun and enjoyable. I never want to leave."

- Rosa and Vinicius from Brazil.

If you are not here on a honeymoon, then come here to propose. It’s a place to fall in love, all over again.

-Haley from Seoul Korea and Paris.

We have stayed in many places covering all continents, but we have never been more comfortable, cared for, or happier.. ..

-Brad, Natasha, Lauren & Heather from Australia.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here at Volcano Village Lodge! You have truly pampered us and attended to every possible need....

-Daniel, Carren and Anaiah from California.

We are going to have a hard time sleeping in other beds after two nights in such comfort! ....

-Matt, Heather & Nickolas

Since we first stepped into your rainy garden, we couldn’t stop kvelling. You have ensured us a lifetime of memories. Your details in beauty and comfort are beyond comparison, and I feel safe admitting that you are the kindest person in the world challenged only perhaps by the late Gandhi.  I look forward to my honeymoon here in the future.
Most graciously,

-Zack Bornstein (14-years old)

This place is a treasure! So peaceful and lovely. Thank you so much for your hospitality and the tasty breakfast treats (especially the banana bread – delicious!). You have made our stay here in Hawaii truly memorable.

-Enea and Dean

We truly enjoyed our “vacation” from our vacation. You have created a wonderful serene resting place for your guests. Our children loved the time we spent here and they loved the breakfast burritos.

-Anne, Tony, Keely, Donnie from Orange, California.

Thank you for your kindness, care, and graciousness of spirit. Your wonderful eye for detail is everywhere on the grounds and in the lodges. Because of the atmosphere you have created here, we were able to feel we had found a welcoming home away from our own back on the mainland. As many in this book have said, your breakfast surprises had us rushing to the basket on the table everyday when we came back. Thank you for treating your guests truly like they are welcome.

-Rollin and Andrea

We love your place. Do not want to leave. As a matter of fact, we decided to stay in for the night, bought in a beautiful dinner for an intimate candlelit dinner by the fireplace. Sat outside for a while watching the stars. Breathtaking! We’ll be back soon!

-Nozomi from Tokyo, Japan.

You have the last piece of heaven on earth! Everything is perfect!

-Norio, Paris, France.

Dave and I could not have been more blessed this week. You have created a jewel here at the lodge. Thank you for every kindness you showed to us – so evident in the loving details. Most of all – when I think back to this stay – the memory I will treasure the most is meeting you! A fabulous, strong woman with vision, and who has the courage to live her life in peace. Thank you for sharing a piece of that with us.

-Mary Yoder

I don’t know that we’ve ever stayed anywhere that made us feel like we should be inside as much as this. From the grounds to the hot tub to the food to the unbelievably comfortable bed, it was all perfect. We’ll be back (if you’ll have us!).

-Jackson and Jasmine

In a word, FABULOUS! We cannot wait for next year and our annual trek to Volcano! You have created paradise within paradise!

-Meg and Tom from Menlo Park, California.

We don’t want to leave! We have been fortunate to stay at some world class hotels and lodging, but this place has quickly stolen our hearts and become our favorite. The hot tub and comfy bed were great after the long walk to see the lava. The surrondings here are beautiful.

-Tanya and Bevan from Calgary, Alberta.

We FINALLY understand what the ALOHA SPIRIT is all about. We’ve always felt its presence in our daily lives since our first trip – our honeymoon – in 1968 to Hawaii. BUT – staying at your lodge completed the aloha spirit “puzzle” in our hearts. Starting with your immediate responses to my email questions to your warm handshake and friendly smile when we arrived. We knew we FINALLY found where paradise was in Hawaii. Our four- and seven-year-old grandsons felt a “home connection” here with you. No hotel big or small does anything close to what you do for your guests.

-Bill, Carol, Joe, Trevor and Tucker from Elburn, Illinois.

Impeccable, exquisite, and in complete congruence with nature, energetics and peace. Restful and sweet.

-The Waters

This is the most clean, quiet, peaceful and beautiful place that I’ve ever stayed. I’ll cherish the memories of my hula dancing just for you. We’ll come back with our babies soon. BIG LOVE!

-Juichiro, Japan.

Words cannot express the wonder of this place! We enjoyed ourselves so very much. Thank you for the warm hospitality, relaxing room, and surreal scenery. All a joy! Our only concern is that we have been spoiled and may never find a place that can compare.

-Martin and Adrienne